Ori Globus

President & CEO
Ori Globus was born in Tel Aviv, Israel to parents Yoram and Lea. Yoram Globus is a prominent figure in the film industry, with the combination of Yoram’s passion transcending down to his son and Ori’s artistic vision becoming more expressive, Ori’s path to producing feature films was paved. This path, rich with the creativity of diverse minds and inspirational stories, was a dream come to life. The feature film industry was Ori’s dream and truly nurtured an aspiration. The young future film maker graduated high school early at the age of 16. At 18 Ori served in the Israeli army. His goal never forgotten, Ori attained the knowledge needed for his future success, he graduated  with a B.A. in Economics & Sustainability in the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. Right after graduation, Ori left his home in Israel, like many with the same dream he moved to Hollywood, CA.
Within a few months, Ori set up a new production company, Rebel Way Entertainment. He signed the talented director, Tyler Spindel, who often worked as a 2nd unit director on actor Adam Sandler’s movies. Ori decided to give him his first opportunity as a feature film director on “Deported.” After signing Tyler, Ori decided to focus on new media platforms, a way to emulate his father’s success during the video and DVD revolution of the 1980’s. The first step to his goal was signing talented social media influencers on multiple picture deals, such as Alexis Ren, Jay Alvarez, Mariano Di-Vaio and others with millions of followers each. The idea is that the social media influencers will take part in the movies, along with the traditional cast, and commit to posting on their social media platforms to support the promotion of the film. This way, the movie becomes not just a movie but a product that comes with substantial built-in marketing power across multiple venues. After that, Ori asked his father, Yoram, to travel to LA and attain his  experience to focus on the opportunities in the new media world. Ori did his R&D and concluded that combining traditional cinema and the new media was a winning formula.